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'Post-intensive care syndrome': A doctor's new book is an eye-opener

Click on any of these links to purchase this fantastic book, Barnes & Nobel Indiebound Matt McCarthy, Special to USA TODAY Published, 11:06 a.m. ET March 29, 2018: Doctors are a tough crowd. When one of our own writes a book, we’re inherently skeptical and, if I’m being honest, a touch envious. What can this physician have to say, we wonder, that I don’t already know? As Daniela Lamas reveals in her dazzling new book, You Can Stop Humming Now (Little, Brown, 256 pp., ★★★½ out of four), the answer becomes clear after just a few pages: quite a bit. Dr. Lamas begins her book by letting us in on a secret: during residency training, she was known as the one who wouldn’t let patien

Post Intensive Care Syndrome, PICS
Post Intensive Care Syndrome, PICS
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